Město Ostrava

Ostrava je metropolí Moravskoslezkého kraje a s více než 300 000 obyvateli také třetím největším městem České republiky. Má výhodnou strategickou polohu v blízkosti hranic s Polskem a Slovenskem.
Charakter města výrazně ovlivnil těžký průmysl, především dolování černého uhlí a slévárenství oceli. Právě kvůli němu byla v době komunismu překřtěna na „ocelové srdce republiky“. Výrazně se ale také prosadili místní umělci, ať už z divadelního nebo hudebního prostředí a po druhé světové válce se Ostrava stala také jedním z center univerzitního života.

V posledních dvaceti letech došlo k ekologickému oživení města a díky koncentraci mladých lidí se stala Ostrava proslulým místem zábavy.

Zápasové haly

ZS Sareza Ostrava

Víceúčelová sportovní hala v Ostravě-Porubě má kapacitu 5000 diváků a v jejím komplexu je také restaurace a banka.

Hostit bude utkání skupiny B a zápasy o umístění na 1. až 8. místě, včetně všech čvrtnále, semifinále a finále

Sportovní hala Ostrava Dubina

Městská sportovní hala v městské části Dubina je určená především pro sportovní vyžití mladých obyvatel Ostravy. Kapacita haly je přibližně 500 míst a slouží hned několika míčovým sportům.

Hostit bude zápasy skupiny A a také utkání Prezidentského poháru.

Sportovní hala Vodova - nová

Moderní sportovní hala má kapacitu 3 000 diváků. Tato hala mimo jiné hostila zápasy házenkářských Mistrovství světa juniorek v roce 2005 a Mistrovství Evropy dorostenek 2011.

Hostit bude utkání skupiny C a závěrečné zápasy o umístění na 9. až 16. místě.

Sportovní hala Vodova - stará

Starší z hal ve sportovní areálu na Vodově ulici má kapacitu 1 000 míst a bude hostit zápasy skupiny D.

Health benefits of playing handball

Doing sports and different activities on a daily basis is something that can prolong your life for a decade or longer. More importantly, it can make you healthier and introduce you to a better lifestyle that everyone needs nowadays. Escorts will tell you that they do walking, fitness and, in most cases, a few additional sports on a regular basis. That is why they look so young and radiate with that shining energy that draws everyone to them. So let's speak about the sport options that you have, there is swimming, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, golf, racing and many other ones. Everyone does football and you will always want to associate swimming with relaxing time on the sea. Volleyball and basketball are more something that you will do recreationally and from time to time, which is the same as with golf and racing. That leaves you with handball and that is what an escort would choose, as well.

Why should you play handball?

This is one of the sports that are present everywhere, but just don't get that much attention, especially there where football is something that everyone follows. Handball is, however, more a kind of sport for everyday life; it is played indoors, so weather is not a factor on whether you can do it today. Another important thing, and escorts that you can meet on Eros.com will mention this as well, is that you get to work on your whole body and exercise much more muscles than with other sports. Unlike with other activities, while playing handball, all parts of your body are involved, your hands, legs and the rest of it, as well. It is also a team sport, so you get to work on many other aspects of your life, and you also meet so many new people.

Handball will do you good

Sport in general, is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and healthy; it ensures all the basic functions of your organs are working well. The heart gets stronger when moving more, you get rid of many toxins while sweating and your whole body will look better. Escorts like to play handball, because it is not just basic exercises combined in one thing, but a team sport that is fun and exciting. Handball makes you also think and be prepared for many situations where fast acting is needed. An escort will find this the most interesting thing about it, since many other sports don't have this aspect.

In case you are already interested and would like to know how to start your late handball career, or just want to play it a little, you will first need to do the few following steps. Work on your condition, which means run, prepare your muscles for a couple hours of playing. Find a club where you cannot only meet escorts, but also train and get good at handball. The atmosphere is quite important, so make sure that the whole ambient and environment is good for you. Once you made this clear, you can proceed with your training and make yourself fit and healthy again.

Handball in Ostrava and Brno

Handball is very much appreciated in the Czech Republic, especially in Ostrava and Brno. With its exciting matches, talented players, discipline, entertainment and health benefits, there is no wonder that many people choose it as a full-time job. Whether you have started practice since you were very little, or you discovered your love for it as you grew up, it is a full-contact sport that can be played by anyone regardless of the age group.

Many children do not join it because they believe that they are not talented or do not own certain abilities that are required in this field. Every person can take advantage of this beautiful activity no matter if you are short, tall, thin or big. You can take part in the most exciting experience and meet new friends who share your passion. Spend your time in the company of unique personalities and enjoy every moment you live together.

There are plenty of sports halls in Ostrava that can host impressive games in handball. Make sure you pick a seat in the crowded stands at the next tournament and be amazed by the lively atmosphere at the ZS Sareza Ostrava. Do not use your spare time in front of a computer, but instead root for your favorite team at the competitions and feel the positive energy of the audience.

You will become addicted to the thrilling sensations that run through your body with every pass or shot you see at a match. There are many schemes and strategies that will make you hold your breath every single second that passes by. Try to guess who will win the next championship title for juniors and swing by the remarkable Vodova sports hall in Brno for your share of entertainment in a modern facility.

No matter if you choose Brno or Ostrava for your children’s hobby, you can rest assured that you will find great conditions in every sports hall you stop by. From quality floors, well equipped locker rooms to good lighting, stands, numerous renovations and even restaurants, you will find the perfect place for them to create special memories. As handball is a well cherished sport among the local residents, you will see the pleasure of playing it on everyone’s faces.

Let your love for handball take you to places you have never been and explore the country alongside avid fans. Rent a bus for a unique adventure with like-minded people. You can bring your friends or family members and take pleasure in a ride through wonderful parts of Czech Republic. Stop anywhere along the way and gaze at the splendid landscapes or visit the local restaurants where you can feast your taste buds with delicious meals.

Handball is a fantastic mean of entertainment for everyone who needs some relaxation in their busy lives. Reconnect with your kids or pals over a fun game and get ready for a new day at work. You can benefit from all the things you learn from this sport, let it define your character and feel the freedom it gives you to be yourself. Taste the joy of handball in Ostrava or Brno and have fun!

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